Grelir the JesterEdit

Grelir the Jester was a jester in the court of the chief of the gods: Zepor. He was a talented minstrel, often making his own tunes on the spots and creating a story with the music. It is believed he was the nephew of the goddess of Music: Melody. Her musical talent was passed down through her family. Grelir was one of the most talented musician in the clan. From the Beginning, he glofiried and delighted Zepor.

Decieving ZeporEdit

Reyit, the god of Deception, came to Grelir, wanting to trick him. Suddenly, Grelir felt a cloud of trouble come over himself. Feeling down, Grelir began playing a sad song on his flute, not really knowing that he was in the court of the King. This tune was so soft and depressing, it put the King himself to sleep. All of his guards also fell asleep at their posts. 

When Grelir had finished his song, the cloud of trouble had turned into a cloud of rage. He had been entertaining the King for thousands of year with no reward. He decided he would finally take his reward. He looked around the courtroom and then dashed towards the dormat King. He took the Zilx and fled from the court of the King.

As this point in time, the Skygate of Forda was open all of the time. Grelir knew this and escaped to the Realm of Devidis. Zepor, tring to stop Grelir from escaping, closed the Skygate of Forda and seperated the Realms. Unfortunately, Grelir had already escaped and Zepor himself had shut the Skygate, defeating himself.

His Time in DevidisEdit

After escaping to Devidis, Grelir hid the Zilx in the Hills of Gorop, deep in the ground. He then built a tower of stone for himself and played on his magicial flute all day long. Grelir later passed into legend. His whereabouts are unknown.