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You suddenly wake up in a forest. You open your eyes and gaze into the blue skies, clouds scattered randomly throughout the sky. You're not at home, you know that much. But where are you?


Phantazia is a country torn apart by Civil War. Let's start our story before this point though. Let's start our story at the very beginning.

In the year 398, Phantazia was a new country. It had just survived a brutal war of independence from a neighboring country. Things were peaceful and everything was right.

One day in the year 413, a Phantazian miner found 3 gems in the Hills of Gorop[1]. He was appalled by their beauty. They were so bright, they lit the entire tunnel the miner was in. The miner quickly ran to the owner of the mining camp, who in turn took it to Amporas: the Capital of Phantazia.

King Landor II, the King of the Phantazians, was entranced by the diamonds' beauty. Little did he know what power he now possessed. For these were the long-lost Zilx, the heirloom from the chief god Zepor to his sons. They were stolen by Grelir, the corrupted jester of Zepor. Grelir fled to the Realm of Devidis and hid the Zilx deep in the earth. For it would be better if the gems were completely hidden than for them to be used. The gods searched for these prized gifts, but could not find them.

It was said that the Zilx gave incredibly grand fortune to their bearer. One time, Zepor wore them into battle. Zepor was an easy target for the archer Barsa, a god skilled specifically in archery. Barsa took his aim and fired his bow. Luckily for Zepor, a random gigantic gust of wind knocked the lethal arrow off course. The Zilx then became subject of legend and fairy tales spread throughout the realms. As it spread, the stories became more far fetched. However, not very many of the tales were far from the truth, no matter how much they built up the Zilx.

King Landor II took the Zilx and wore them in a necklace. With the fortune of the diamonds, Phantazia flourished. Landor never took the necklace off, fearing his Kingdom would fall. He became madly obsessed with the gems, often times valuing it over anything. Much like Zepor's intent, the necklace became the heirloom of Landor II's bloodline. However, Zepor took note of the reclamation of the Zilx.

Unfortunately for Zepor, he could not enter the Realm of Devidis to take back his stolen heirlooms until the Realms all aligned in the sky. When the Realms aligned, the Skygate of Forda would finally open, allowing people to travel between Realms for one week, before getting called back to their homeland. Again, in another stretch of misfortune for Zepor, the Alignment of the Realms was a very rare occasion. The next time this feat occurred would be over 600 years from 398. So Zepor waited, scheming of how to take the Zilx back.

The year is 924. It is the year of the Alignment. News has spread that Zepor the Mighty will come down from his homeland and destroy the Phantazians if they do not hand over the Zilx. The Phantazians would easily trade the Zilx for their lives. However, their King would not. The current King, Rintor VIII, was obsessed with them. It was the Curse of the Zilx. It drove its' bearer mad, making the bearer value them above all other things. Rintor VIII would let everyone of his subjects die before he would hand it over to Zepor. Rintor VIII became a tyrant, locking every gate in his castle, never showing his face outside of his fortress, and banishing anyone who would challenge his authority or those he saw as a threat. He even exiled his younger brother, Nujon. The banished were all sent to the Land of the Exiled, a prison in the form of a city across the Bay of Curp.

The gods were not the only ones who could travel from Realm to Realm during the Alignment. Often times, the majority of those of transported between realms did it on accident. The Alignment portals were hidden throughout the Realms. Anyone who dropped through the portals to Phantazia was to be arrested and exiled immediately, by the order of the King. Rintor VIII could not chance of Zepor disguising himself and passing through the Phantazian lines of defense.

You are one of the unfortunate travelers who has dropped into Phantazia. The rest of the story is for you to finish.

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