The ZilxEdit

Crafted by the great blacksmith Wefter, the Zilx were gifts to Zepor, the chief of gods. Zepor made the precious gems an heirloom to his sons. When first seen, the gems were so bright, it often blinded those who stood close to it. Over the years, the light has slightly faded, but it still very great.

The Zilx supposedly blessed the bearer of the gems. Luck herself came down from her home and put a spell on the gems, to add onto the gift Wefter was going to give.

The NalorEdit

The Nalor was the first of the Zilx that was created. Although it is rumored it bears the most fortune, it is very fragile. Unlike the Prometheses and the Xamber, the Nalor does not possess any defense systems. It is under the possession of Rintor VIII in 924.

The PromethesesEdit

The Prometheses is the second gem that was crafted by Wefter. The Prometheses was blessed with defenses to fire. In turn, the Prometheses must be washed with water daily, or else it will start to dissolve. At this time, the whereabouts of the Prometheses is unknown. It is rumored that Rintor VIII has hidden it, trying to outsmart Zepor.

The XamberEdit

The Xamber was the final gem to be forged by the blacksmith Wefter. Opposite to the Prometheses, the Xamber is blessed with defenses to water. It must be placed in a furnace once a day, or else, like the Prometheses, it will begin to dissolve. The location of the Xamber is unknown. Just like the Prometheses, it is rumored Rintor VIII has hidden it.